Fishnet BABE

Missguided always ceases to amazes me! This jumpsuit exemplifies my true definition of buying the pieces that make you gasp. As soon as I saw this beauty I was in awe, and knew It was going home with me. Putting it on my body literally gave me life! I loved the neckline and how there was built in undergarments and the pattern of fish net was amazingly constructed. Now I know many people shop for items that are practical and this is isn't one of them but sometimes you just have to step out of that box, and don't be afraid to try new things especially in your wardrobe! Some of my best outfits were discovered impulsively just out of love or spark of interest. So remember the next time you shop don't settle for I think I like this, but gasp and know you love it!

Black Fish Net Jumpsuit: Missguided (Nordstrom)

Black Strap Up Platforms- Wild Diva Lounge

Photographer: Steffanie Padilla IG: @sff.pll

Blowing in the Wind

This dress made me feel like a modern day Keira Knightley, when she played in the Pride & Prejudice. It was giving me the ultimate 1940's vibe with the hugged crop on the sleeves and the tie up in the front yet the twist was the polka dotted mesh pattern. I thought it'd be a great way to complete the look by wearing all black and giving it a kick with my high black suede platforms. 

Black Hat - Nordstrom

Mesh Polka Dot Dress - Luxe

Platform Boots - Wild Diva Lounge

Photographer: Steffanie Padilla IG: @sff.pll