The Everyday!

Lately there's been a flouring trend, of pairing street style with edgy chic. I was never the type to pull out a pair of sneakers, but sneakers must be getting cuter or this trend is just making them look cuter either way I'm loving it. Now we can showcase our fashionable side and still be incredibly comfortable. For this outfit I decided another “simplicity at its finest look”, where I have the simple T-shirt dress, with a polka dot fitted cap. Then for my shoe choice I went with the classic all white shell toe Adidas and my choice of pop was that bomb lavender fur bag! Topshop is on a roll, this bag had lavender fur with gold trimmings and a gold chain like strap, it was one of those gasping moments when you feel like you just hit the lottery. Plus you can never go wrong with a pop of FUR! A perfect look for any laid back occasion.

Polka Dot Hat: BP Brand (

Layered Midi Dress: Topshop Item#5123629 (

Faux Fur Purse: Topshop (

Classic Shell Toe Sneakers: Adidas (