Unbelievable Jumpsuit


Usually when I imagine a jumpsuit I think of something casual but this jumpsuit was the absolute opposite. I was attracted to the sharp precise cuts on it! It gave you amazing cleavage but not to much which makes this look versatile. The belt is conveniently adjustable which makes it so easy to  accentuates your waist and we all know that's what we're looking for these days. I paired it with this classic white clutch giving a elegant chic look and a chocker just to give it that edge. Now these heels are so bomb they can be the pop for any outfit because there attention grabbers and we always have to have that pop in our outfit! Thank you ASOS.

Choker Necklace - Forever 21

Midi Rings - Forever 21

Black Belted Jumpsuit - Topshop (Style #: 36J10IBLK) Nordstromrack.com

Yellow Snakeskin Pointed Heel - ASOS (Product Code: 739850) asos.com

White Clutch - RAOUL (nordstromrack.com)