Get Flawless Skin!

Many people ask how I maintain my clear and vibrant looking skin. I've honestly spent over a year trialing various products to see what works the best. Everyone's skin is different therefore my routine, may not work for your skin it all depends. But the most important thing to take from this is the steps and then slowly figure out which products your skin loves. Consistency is key if you follow these steps you shall see great improvement in your skin! Now, I know this generation is in love with makeup, which dont get me wrong I love to have that highlight poppin too but why not invest in the health of your skin as well. Striving to have a flawless smooth complexion now that's really poppin! Lets aim for that "Wake up and Go Beauty". 

First thing first, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! For 3 years now I've been eating organic, taking a daily multivitamin and drinking tons of water. This alone contributes to clear & supple skin.

Morning Routine

  1. Wash face every morning

  2. After every face wash tone your face 

  3. Let toner dry, then moisturize face with lotion 

  4. Your ready to start your day! 

Night Routine

  1. Wash face every night

  2. Tone face

  3. Apply light amount of Eye Cream underneath the eye

  4. Apply thin layer of Night Cream to the whole face except eye area

  5. Get that beauty sleep! 

Once | Twice a Week Routine

Depending on how bad your skin is or how it reacts to these products will determine if you do these steps once or twice a week. Just remember your face is being introduced to new things so start off gentle and slow until you really learn your face. 

  1. Incorporate a face scrub into your routine once or twice a week

  2. Then use a face mask to rejuvenate the skin (I always leave mine on at least 30 min)

  3. Follow up with your toner, then moisturize with lotion

  4. Your all set, love! 

Below are the products I am currently using and have been for a while now! They're AMAZING!